Server Deutschland 1800

This is the description for the simutrans server-game "Deutschland 1800"

The current status of the server can be queried here: Server list

Since in a server game the program versions on the server and on the clients' computers must match exactly,
here are links to the program version used.
Simutrans Programm for Linux Nightly R9274
Simutrans Programm for Windows Nightly R9274

The official release is currently running: Simutrans 122.0
SourceForge Simutrans 122.0

The Pak also has to match exactly.
It is best to install it as a own pak, to play online, which is independent of the normal pak used locally.
The server was restarted with the year 1800 on Monday, October 26th, 2020. The cards are reshuffled. Everyone starts again from scratch.
The official release 2.0 is running in the version from October 21, 2020. If there are different packages then download them from here again.
PAK128.german Version 2.0 Release currently also for the server game

Note: Launch successful from year 1800 at 26.10 2020 12:00.
It run slower than normal single-play game.

Sorry, we have no native English speakers among us to translate the texts for us.
Therefore there is only a little google translate here.
For more detailed explanations, please see the German page. Sorry for the inconvenience.
But if you want to help. This page can be translated here.
Translation-program for Simutrans
Just like all other texts belonging to Simutrans pak128.german.