All of the published works by or in the name of the below named authors are subjects of Copyright. The use of them is only for Simutrans' PAK128.german permitted. For any other use is a easement from the originator or the below mentioned representatives obtained. Changes must also be approved. The PAK128.german has been issued the right of free use for an unlimited period of time. In addition, the pakset's administrative authority has been granted the permission to enforce the rights of the authors on their works. In the case of a change of the paksets administrative authority will those rights automatically be transferred to the successor.

This Pakset and its Content are Freeware, but not Open Source. The complete Set or parts of it may therefore not to be integrated into another Paksets or changed and Republished without the prior consent of the team.
Autoren / Authors:

addition from - The Transporter

All of my works for Pak128.german can be used from the active Team Members in their work on the pakset.
Publications outside from this Pakset requires a explicit consent from me. It is not allowed to use them outside PAK128.german without my permission!.