Addon for Simutrans pak128.german

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provided by Makie:

Beta (preview) of the version 2.1 Revision (399) of 27.03.2021

For this version at least the Simutrans program version 122.0 or a Nightly higher as R9431 is necessary.

Collective update to development level (this is not available now)

Not available, the changes are too extensive.
This collection update updates the current official version to the current developer level. It contains all new objects as well as error corrections.
Basis for the group update is currently Version 1.2
Status after the update is Version 1.2 Revision 281 from 05.01.2020
Copy the files contained in the zip in the respective directories of the official Pak128.german. Or overwrite the old files with it.

Double Altitude Levels (not suitable for versions from 2.0)

Version 2.0 includes double height levels. This addon is only suitable for versions 1.x.
This addon allows easy and double elevation levels. This allows rugged mountains to be created. It is not possible to build roads or railroads over sloping double height levels. The terrain is too steep for road construction. To traffic here is a challenge. Even cities can not grow on such steep slopes. The addon is intended for a more realistic depiction of the Alps and provides more realistic requirements for the construction of traffic routes over the mountains.
The installation of this addon differs from normal addons. It is not enough to copy the files from the Zip into the Addon folder, but you have to overwrite the files of the same name in the directory of pak128.german. In particular, the two configuration files must be overwritten, otherwise Simutrans will no longer work properly.
Important: The Simutrans map generator does not create double elevation levels.
These can only be created manually or created after loading a corresponding height map .
Or use one of the Save-Game.

Steam Vessels of Mainz City (not suitable for versions from 2.0)

Version 2.0 includes this ships. This addon is only suitable for versions 1.x.
This addon contains color / cargo variants of the steamboat and tug city Mainz.
Also included: a (color) variant of the schooner for fish (chilled goods). Available from 1800 to 1830, then city of Mainz in blue as a reefer. The fishing boats around 1800 may not have been reefers, but in Simutrans the fish are defined as chilled goods, which is actually the case in later times. The fishing areas are in fact factories at sea with their own port. Goods can also be unloaded and stacked in a port and so players have already managed to fish meat and dairy products from the lake.

Extra load for the chain tug

This add-on allows the chain tug and other tugs to carry a few people with some mail or small quantities of goods.

Paved Paths Along Rivers.

In times prior to the steamship, the ships were pulled upriver by humans or animals from the shore. This was called Treideln. To facilitate this hard work, paths were laid out along the shore. On the Elbe and elsewhere, they were even paved. The addon allows paving banks of rivers. There are no changes to the gameplay, but the trekking horses no longer run in the grass of the bank but on a paved path along the water.

Old-Pak Trams

In older versions of the pak, there were some trams that are no longer included. With me and maybe elsewhere, these are still driving. This zip contains the old trams but with prices and operating costs adapted to version 1.0.

Older pak trucks and buses

In older versions of the pak, there were some road vehicles that are no longer included. This zip contains the old road vehicles, but with prices and operating costs adapted to version 1.0.

provided by Pumuckel999:

Three-phase railcar from Siemens-Halske

In 1903, three-phase railcars from Siemens reached 206 km/h on the test track between Marienfelde and Zossen.
Since no three-phase overhead line is available in the game and the tracks of this time only allow lower maximum speeds, the railcar was not included in the official Pak but only here as an addon.

some funny buildings

These buildings are not lifelike but funny. Therefore not in the official Pak but only here.