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Requires Simutrans >= 120.x

We have moved the "old" Industrial chains with Version 0.9.1 to its own Subfolder "addons\Pak128.german".

Option 1:
  1. Who will also use a Savegame from Version <= 0.8, must copy this Subfolder:first in the Simutrans folder in (Windows) => "My files\simutrans" - (Linux) =>"home/Username/Simutrans"
  2. and then when starting ST select the Option "Load with Addons" .
VERY Important: THIS WILL NOT WORK if you use a witch will load your preferred Pakset automatically!

Option 2:
If you won't move the folder Simutrans, then you can copy the content from the Folder addons\PAK128.german into (simutrans\PAK128.german).

Our recommendation: Replace the factories labeled "(outdated)" with the current ones. This requires although sometimes additional factory connections, lines and vehicle types, but it ensures the playability in future versions.

PAK128.german shows the Simutrans transport system, embedded in typical German cities and industries according to the respective topographical region from the coast to the high mountains. The Trains and vehicles are thereby a bit bigger than they from the Standard-Pak 128. Most buildings, regardless of city or industry have consistently four views. Every Building- and Factory type has furthermore based on the region in which it is, a different Graphics, and in the latter different operation numbers of production. This means, that factories in the Ruhr area (Central German Uplands) have a higher production and a complete different look as such, from the ==>East Germany<== area. The same applies for the passengers generation of city buildings.
Climate zones:
In the Pak128.german forms the climate zones the german regions from the coast to the high mountains.
The following comparison provides information about the climate schematics of this Pak set:

English labelPAK128.german
desert climateCoast
tropical climateNorth-german plain
Mediterranean climateEast Germany
temperate climateCentral-german Uplands
tundraAlpine Foothills
rockyAlpine Climate
Not shown:
arctic climate - Glacial zone
The game can be played well with the existing economic system up from 1950. For earlier periods you can use the "-freeplay" switch, because the prices, costs and incomes are not synced completely. Playing with the Timeline is therefore from 1920 possible, but forces to limitations due to lack of vehicles or factories. Onwards from 1940 is the timeline quite playable.
Because the industrial chains reflecting the specific product focus from German landscapes should the Pak128.german played on maps with all climate zones. Only so appears the to the landscapes adjusted City buildings and sights.
The desired map must support the required heights what, depending on the selected map,adjusted size and water level more or less the case is.

We advise to two height-level per climate zone (for the coast is one enough), so that homogeneous cities with appropriate buildings and factories can be arise. The alpine foothills and - zones should include three levels. The value of hilliness should be low (max. 2).
With Simutrans 120.x can also flattered cards be used when the planes are assigned to other climate zones (regions).
The economic system of the Pak set and his alignment is at the Time still in development and therefore the vehicle prices, transportation costs as well as merchandise sales are not synced.

But this does not detract the play ability.

Recommend settings for the Landscape creation:

Water level:-2
Mountain height:260
North-german plain:0
East Germany:2
Central-german upland:4
Alpine foothill:7
Alpine Climate13
River count32
Min. Length20
Max. Length512

*Karte 33, 896x896 Kacheln; simutrans 120.2.x, PAK128.german 0.10.x. The results also depend on the selected card and the size from it.

Known Bugs and inadequacies:
Version 0.10.4
Autocars are only at ca. 1950 in the typical representation and scale for PAK128.german available.
Some Buildings have partial missing winter graphics.
Interior lighting from Passengercars are not complete.
Version 0.10.3
Autocar are only at ca. 1950 in the typical representation and scale for PAK128.german available.
Elevated railways and roads have not ramps & must start at normal ways.
Elevated railway-buildings have wrong illustration.
Version 0.9
File factory_Obstbauer.pak is defect
Maintenance cost / Buildingcost of the Stops and Extension Buildings are not calculated.
The Timeline before 1920 is rudimentary, from 1930 on widely coherent.
Version 0.8
Not optimal alignment of some Train grafics
Some Buildings and vehicles have no illuminations
several Buildings have no winter grafics
The Timeline before 1920 is rudimentary, from 1930 on widely coherent.
Version 0.7
Only a small number of ships and airplanes, all from openpak128.
Not optimal alignment for a set of railroad graphics due to changes in the template and diagonal_multipliers
Small graphic bugs on some trees and buildings
Vehicle lights on graphics from Lemuria and RedRabbit are only partly implemented
Partial arbitrary color codes of the factories on the overview map.
No economic economic-system
The Timeline before 1920 is rudimentary, from 1930 on widely coherent.
Version 0.6.1
Only a small number of ships and airplanes, all from openpak128.
Not optimal aligment for several Train grafics due to changes in the presentation and in the diagonal multiplier
A bunch of Buildings and Trees have small grafic bugs
Only partially implemented vehicle lighting in graphics of Lemuria and Red Rabbit
Factorys have only partially color codes on the map
The Character of the set is only for the alpine area implented
No economic economic-system
The Timeline before 1920 is rudimentary, from 1950 on widely coherent.
Questions / Wishes / Suggestions
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Elaboration of Copyright:
All of the published works by or in the name of the below named authors are subject to Copyright. They are only to be used for working tasks regarding Simutrans' PAK128.german. For any other form of use it is mandatory to obtain the right of use from the author. Also, any planned changes in the nature of the published works must be authorized beforehand. The PAK128.german has been issued the right of free use for an unlimited period of time. In addition, the pakset's administrative authority has been granted the permission to enforce the rights of the authors on their works. In the case of a change of the paksets administrative authority those rights will be transferred to the successor automatically.

This Pak set and its Content are Freeware, but not Open Source. The complete Set or parts of it may therefore not to be integrated into another Pak sets or changed and Republished without the prior consent of the team.
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